Retired Pastors Luncheon

We recently had a great luncheon with many retired or retiring pastors from all around the state interested in learning more about Pastor Partner.

They were excited about the concept of continuing to serve the Lord in their retiring years, while keeping flexibility in their schedule.

The many conversations solidified our feelings on Pastor Partner being a great idea. The idea of utilizing all their years of service to help mentor and shore up a solo pastor and their church was exciting!

We heard stories from Pastor Bill & Pastor John, the first match, and how the great deal of experience that Pastor Bill brought to the table was so beneficial. Pastor John used the reference of having a “home run hitter step up to the plate in a pinch.” Someone who had all the experience and training necessary to take off right away and make a big impact on him and the church.

As we started Pastor Partner, we always wondered whether we would find the retired pastors first or the solo pastored churches, and we found that the retired pastors have been easier to find and get engaged in this process.

Several of the retired or retiring pastors from our luncheon were very interested in joining as a Pastor Partner. We are now seeking out solo pastored churches to partner with them.

We are expecting our matching website to be active soon. Please sign up for our email newsletter to receive updates when it becomes active.

We very much appreciate you praying for Pastor Partner and spreading the word.

– Scott Bekins

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