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The Problem

80% of churches are stagnant or declining and about 80% of them are solo pastored. We believe these are often related. Churches typically grow when pastoral staff has time to connect with its members and community. We typically see this in new or large churches. Churches in the middle lead to core problems that Pastor Partner seeks to prevent; pastor burnout, discouragement, and fatigue.

What We Aim To Do

Connecting solo pastored churches with retired pastor mentors.

I’m a Solo Pastor & I Need Help

When churches reach a certain size, the pastor is typically forced to spend more time with the day-to-day administrative tasks, leaving less time to connect with the congregation and to provide strategic leadership. What solo pastors really need is another pastor who can help them shoulder the load, but struggling church budgets cause restraint by leadership to hire the additional pastor in fear of not being able to guarantee their salary for a given period.

I’m Retired But I’m Not Done Working

After retirement, pastors have tremendous experience and knowledge that they desire to share with the next generation of pastors. Many retired pastors also face the realization that they were not financially prepared for retirement. They often find it difficult to continue serving the Lord and earn needed income, while still maintaining the flexibility in their retirement that they desired in the first place.

Why Pastor Partner

Pastor Partner connects solo pastors with retired pastors through an online compatibility matching system to help eliminate pastor fatigue. The retired pastor is there to work alongside the solo pastor and help them with whatever is needed. This retired pastor has tremendous experience and knowledge so they are able to jump right in and immediately alleviate pastor burnout and begin making a positive impact on the church.

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Who We Are



Started Pastor Partner from a vision of connecting the retired pastor from his former church, with the solo pastor at his current church.



Has 20 years of ministry experience and has spent the past 12 years as a solo pastor at First Reformed Church in Grand Haven, MI.



Has been a pastor for a half-century. In retirement he serves as a consultant, workplace chaplain, does pulpit supply, and is an author.

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Revitalization of the Church starts with revitalizing the Pastor, and happens one Church at a time. For the glory of God, we connect solo Pastors who would benefit from Pastoral support with retired Pastors wanting to continue their ministry and supplement their income.


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